8 Fun Ways to Lose Weight

To achieve the best weight loss results, you need to make a habit of exercising. It’s not enough to work out a few times a month – it needs to become part of your routine. But that’s where many people hit a barrier. After a while, exercise can start to bore you.

However, the best thing about weight loss activities is that you have so many options. There’s no rule stating you need to stick with a treadmill or an exercise bike. In fact, there are numerous fun ways to lose weight – these activities are good for the waistline and for your mood as well.

With that in mind, here are eight fun exercises that can help turn your workout into something to look forward to.

Lose Weight with These Activities

You can exercise indoors or head outside. You may prefer to work out on your own or in a group. It’s simply a matter of finding what you enjoy the most. Do that and losing weight will stop feeling like a chore.

1.     Basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, so it’ll be easy to find a court and other people to play with. Shooting hoops works several muscle groups (calves, core muscles etc.) and it builds stamina.

Most importantly, it’s good for losing weight. The exact results will depend on your weight and the intensity of your games, but you can burn hundreds of calories in an hour while having fun.

2.     Swimming

Due to the nature of the movements, swimming is one of the best workout options – you’ll hit just about every muscle group at the same time. Plus, it can be immensely enjoyable, particularly when you’re using it to cool off during a scorching day. So call a few friends and camp out by the pool or at the beach.

3.     Kayaking

Speaking of water, kayaking is an excellent alternative if you’re not up for a swim. It’s especially great for your upper body, but you’ll also be using other muscles to balance the kayak. When the waves get wild, it can also be very exciting.

4.     Hiking

Hiking lets you go out into the wilderness and unleash your inner explorer. For the best results, move at a steady pace and go for a trail that isn’t flat. That way, you’ll burn a ton of calories while getting a chance to appreciate the outdoors.

5.     Rock Climbing

It doesn’t matter if you’re climbing a natural rock formation or a rock wall – you’ll be getting an incredible workout as you move up and maintain your balance. An adrenaline rush is guaranteed. And if you bring a friend, a race to the top is great for motivation.

6.     Rollerblading

If you go rollerblading with a friend, it’ll hardly feel like an exercise. But the effects are undeniable – you’ll work your legs and your core muscles, burning between 200 and 300 calories in half an hour.

7.     Dancing

If you’re musically inclined, a dance class is a great way to have fun and get a good workout in. You can go for salsa, hip hop, or something like Zumba (which is more exercise orientated). Pick whatever style draws you in.

8.     Walking

Walking may not sound like fun, but it gets more appealing when you realize you can exercise while you go about your daily business. Simply choose it over other forms of transportation. It’s best to keep a brisk pace and do this for 30 to 45 minutes per day.

Lose Weight and Have Fun

Working out will improve your life in many ways. But you don’t need to always do the same boring routine. Feel free to mix it up and include as many fun activities as you can – this will help you stay motivated in the long run.

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